More travellers are today resorting to online booking of taxi services. However, according to recent research up to 55% of travellers are never aware of some common mistakes they do make when booking online.

Have you ever travelled to a new country? Definitely, you might be shocked by the high taxi charges when using their services to travel from or to the airport or from one destination to another. Fortunately, you can save on your taxi fares if you avoid these five common mistakes and ensure you plan for your trip accordingly.

1. Failing to Make an Advance Booking

One of the biggest mistakes most travellers make whenever they are on a foreign tour is failing to make advance booking. The same rule applies for the car services as well. For example, you need to keep in mind that you will always be charged full rate whenever you call for a standard taxi ride by calling Dia car service. This company is known to charge full rates for such customers without offering any discount at all. It is therefore advisable that you always look for some coupons or money off vouchers for car service before your travel date. With that, be sure of getting lower rates whenever you book in advance.

2. Consulting Your Travel Agency

It never matters whether you are travelling you your family or you are on a business tour. In most cases, it can be tempting to seek the assistance of a travel agent and get all the bookings done. Though it might sound convenient from the start, you might end up paying high charges that you would have paid. Whenever an agent speaks of a discount, it should certainly be available to the customers through discount coupons or credit card promotions. Most agents will make bookings for their customers and then look for commission.

3. Using Smartphone apps to Book without Knowing Third Party Charges

Most people prefer making taxi bookings via Smartphone apps. The trend which was recently introduced into the market has gained popularity over a short period. Some cars services are known to have unique equipments installed to enable them receive payments via smart phones. However, such services are known to carry extra charges. You will be paying for the app service as well as the car service drop fare. Though the charges might appear negligible, they will surely cost you a fortune if you will be taking multiple rides.

4. Not Being Careful During Online Booking

You need to be very careful whenever you are doing online booking with your car service. Some online booking mistakes can be severe and you will only get to know about them after you have received your credit card statement. There are some taxi companies which will provide you with a 24 hour amendment period for any of their customers who has made online transaction. However, such companies are very few hence you need to be very cautious when booking online.

5. Not Being Alert on Thieves and Scams

You are not going to a foreign country to be mugged or knifed. However, if you are not keen, you will get conned. It does not matter, it can be a waiter offering some special meal at increased price, a cabbie padding your fare or a beggar with kids asking for a euro and end up stealing your wallet. Ensure you are always cautious and alert. Ensure you store your credit cards, cash and passport securely in your money belt.

Any person looking for a taxi service can avoid mistakes listed above. In case you are travelling to a foreign country for the first time, it is advisable to seek assistance and advice from people who have previously travelled to the same destination. You will never fail to hear of someone from your area or district who have made similar trips and in a good position to help you out.